Do not forget us

Moist of the moon yesterday
Exist not - in the moon today
Nor life in flowers, scent in 'em neither
None able to break in a smile either...

Aftermath war mind is:
As still as a graveyard, rammed;

Get customized to laugh

When there’s chance,
To the, extent possible,
We will laugh aloud.
Pressure that arise in between
The day of the flower of liberty’s
Maturity to the day of its fruition
Will kill us; we would have
Even wept at the moment.

The bird that beseeched the prison

In a night
that was filled with
silence and rain
the hunters reached  the nest
and captured that bird.

For them......

I am not a Sri Lankan

For crossing passages
I have a visa
as Israelis passport
in the hands of Palestinians.

For going past the ‘Checkpoints
I possess an identity card

Because I am a Heart Bender

And then I seek for my face.
An eel, also lost its way when finding where the water narrows,
coils my body as if to suffocate me
or  make love to me
or  transmit its power to me.
The electrocution: I fear you

Being Free from Narcissus

That night,
Narcissus left his last kiss on my forehead,
like Anna Sergeyevna kissed Bazarov
Sensual pleasures are like a butcher’s knife
and a chopping block.

The Killing of Shambukas*

Jim Crow segregated hostel rooms.
Ceiling fans bear a strange fruit,
Blood on the books
and blood on the papers,

Black body swinging in mute silence,
Strange fruit hanging from tridents.


Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka

  • JDS is the Sri Lankan partner organization of international media rights group, Reporters Without Borders (RSF). The launching of this website was made possible by the EU’s European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), of which Reporters Without Borders is a beneficiary.