The night falls at last
Scrutinizing intoxicated love
which has no remedy,
and is hidden in the day light,
as if a fire-fly dance

Desires inherently preserve

Because We Were Not There

Once I dreamt,
of drawing you, only you,
but I woke up,
before I was done.
By then, I had become a matchstick man
in a scribbling of your.....

Inquiries into vaginas

The nights are not dark
The days not bright
The guilty are rewarded
The innocent punished
We carry everything with us
Still we have nothing
The Tamil identity is scattered


Though the last breath blew away by bay breeze,
dead ones’ veins & arteries are still wet
The grisliest past slithers towards my heart,
and makes me pen about......

July 1983

I used to wonder about the Nazi killers,
and those who stood and watched the killing:

does the memory
of so many pleading eyes

Seven Dreams

First Dream  - You never noticed

I was falling
From unimaginable points of infinity.
Mucky water surged
Through the streets of the city.
Moments before I fell....

The Kabaraya *

We first heard the shouting, the noonday air was shimmered in the heat. As someone looked out of the inner room, the Kabaraya had already crept into the office.

“A Kabaraya” exclaimed.....


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