Justice or Trade Deals: A defining moment for the EU

Between now and January 2017 the European Union will decide whether to restore the Generalised Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP+) trade tax concession to Sri Lanka.  This decision will hinge on the Sri.........

  • Vinesh Mistry and Brami Jegan

Governments change, but the torturers stay the same

These are not things you can tell your wife,” said the Tamil man from Sri Lanka, “you do not talk about these things in my culture”. He’s so ashamed about what the soldiers did to him  - and there were many of them - that this is the first time he’s told.........

  • Frances Harrison

Shattered, but Unbroken: Survivors of torture in Sri Lanka

Perhaps it would have been better to have died that day,” she said, “and yet I have a desire to live”. Surprisingly perhaps, this comes from a woman whose struggle is by no means over. Any day now she could be rounded up in the country where she lives....

  • Frances Harrison

With just 273 political prisoners in custody, how many have disappeared?

New questions about wartime and post-war disappearances in Sri Lanka emerged following a bombshell revelation that the Government hs only 273 political detainees in its......

  • JS Tissainayagam

Sri Lanka at a crossroads

There's been a seismic shift. The publication of the UN report on Sri Lanka in September put on record indisputably and for posterity the terrible suffering endured by Tamils in the final phase of the Sri Lankan civil war. That acknowledgement.......

  • Frances Harrison

In Defence of Diaspora: Sri Lanka's invisible victims

There's typically a sense that once people have fled their country they no longer deserve a full stake in its future. Perhaps the assumption is exiles have assimilated elsewhere, their children no longer speak the.....

  • Frances Harrison

Getting the Truth Out: Creating a Sinhala version of 'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields'

Sri Lanka is preparing for an election which could change the political landscape of the country  - yet fail to confront the most central issue the island faces. Now it is more.....

  • Callum Macrae

Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka

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