Ukraine joining NATO: West's dangerous geopolitical gambit

In a move that could dramatically spike international tensions and escalate the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the Prime Minister of the Ukraine government in Kiev on Friday submitted legislation to Parliament declaring intention to join the western military...

  • Jon Queally | Common Dreams

Kurdish factor to change Middle East dynamics

A new front is emerging in Syria’s devastating civil war as Kurds and al-Qaeda-inspired Jihadist fighters fight a stiff battle for control of northern populated areas. The Democratic Union Party (PYD), a pro-government Kurdish group in Syria.....

  • Andrei Akulov

Vedanta’s oil: The British oil interest in Sri Lanka

Oil and gas are about to gush out of the sea around Sri Lanka. Vedanta Resources Plc, a UK-listed company, are set to profit from this long anticipated prospect through their subsidiary Cairn Lanka Pvt Ltd. Both the Sri Lankan......

  • Phil Miller

The war on terror and the scramble for Africa

When exploring the reasons for the allied NATO intervention of Libya in an article last year I posed the reader a series of rhetorical questions, the last being, is it because US AFRICOM (The United States Africa Command) needs a boost in North Africa?

  • Joshua Virasami

‘You want your land back?’ : The geopolitics of military bases, empire and independence

The Ministry of Defence's latest threat to keep Faslane as sovereign territory in the event of Scottish Independence should be seen in the context of Britain's imperial history of maintaining military bases against the wishes.....

  • Philip Miller

US to expand assassination program to northern Africa

The Obama administration is discussing the expansion of its drone program into Algeria and other countries in northwest Africa, according to media reports. The preparations to extend the military and CIA “kill lists” takes place amidst....

  • Joseph Kishore

India in South China Sea: Unsettling the dragon

The ownership disputes over South China Sea islands with potential reserves of oil and gas took a new turn last week as India joined the stakeholders. Indian Navy Chief Admiral D.K. Joshi announced his force's preparedness to deploy vessels.....

  • Hooman Peimani

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