Burmese Dissident Maung Zarni on 'Genocidal Buddhists'

In 2007, inspiring images of Burmese Buddhist monks leading their compatriots in demonstrations of civil resistance flooded the Western media. Just five years after the series of protests curiously referred to as the “Saffron.....

  • Alex Caring-Lobel

'This is a world organized to specialize in extermination'

From his usual table at Café Brasilero downtown, leaving the cold weather of southern winter outside its large window, Eduardo Galeano insists that "the grandeur of humanity lies in small things, quotidian things, done every day, what's done by....

  • Paula Vilella

'We now have the manufacture of dissent' - Arundhati Roy

In January 2012, the award-winning Indian novelist and activist Arundhati Roy spoke to Manav Bhushan of 'Free Speech Debate' about censorship and rituals of democracy, populism and middle class consumerism, and also about false.....

  • Interviewed by Manav Bhushan

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