Duped by government and TNA, Tamil victims resort to direct action

Escalating protests in Sri Lanka’s North and East could surprise some, but really shouldn’t. Their root lies in the stubbornness of the National Unity Government and the hypocrisy of the Tamil National Alliance leadership to bring even minimum........


  • Athula Vithanage

Criminalising Victims: ‘Tamil Criminal Gangs’ in Post-war Sri Lanka

The gruesome murder of two students belonging to the University of Jaffna by the Sri Lankan state police forces brought to the fore the various stories that did rounds on the Tamil..................

  • Parani Krisnarajani

Tamils resort to nationalism to shore up eroding political base

In its list of demands, the ‘Eluga Thamil’ (Tamils Arise!) rally in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, on Sept 24 included phrases that form the bedrock of Tamil nationalism – ‘Tamil nation,’ ‘sovereignty’ and......

  • JS Tissainayagam

Sri Lanka: Looking for a deal, not truth and justice

Sri Lanka’s fledging transitional justice process is in trouble already. It’s getting impossible to paper over embarrassing public differences between the country’s President and its Prime........

  • Frances Harrison

Ezhuka Tamil: A Conversation about Democracy

On Saturday September 24th, Ezhuka Tamil, organized by the Tamil People’s Council, became the largest rally to happen since the end of the war in the North-East of Sri Lanka. Over 10,000 people took to the streets to demand an end to ongoing.......

  • Dharsha Jegatheeswaran and Gajen Mahendra

Sri Lanka: Broken promises again at the UN?

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) sessions now underway in Geneva gives another opportunity to Sri Lanka to trumpet the progress it is making on transitional justice. However, there is scant evidence of ‘progress’...........

  • JS Tissainayagam

Sri Lanka constitution: What’s in it for the Tamils?

Sri Lanka's new government, which is taking steps to draw up a new constitution, is likely to cheat Tamils out of a political system that reflects their aspirations. Restrictions imposed by the government on the constitution-making..............

  • JS Tissainayagam

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