UN confirms ongoing torture under Sri Lanka present government (Video)

In a damning statement against Sri Lanka, UN has confirmed that torture continues under the present Sri Lanka government while a human rights organisation documenting violations  has published a new report detailing graphic.............

  • Kithsiri Wijesinghe

Sri Lanka government under fire for threatening human rights lawyer

The government of Sri Lanka has come under heavy attack for threatening to disbar a leading human rights lawyer who publicly criticized continuing violence against religious minorities. Following remarks in a televised talk show by............

  • Kithsiri Wijesinghe

Five army top brass named as running torture and rape camp in Sri Lanka

An international rights watchdog has called upon the Sri Lankan government to investigate five top generals including its army commander in the aftermath of the war for allegedly running an............

  • Athula Vithanage

Sri Lanka appoints former commander as diplomat once more

Continuing the practice of handing over top posts to former military top brass who had command responsibility during the last phase of Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war, a retired army commander had been once again posted to head a................

  • Athula Vithanage

Defiant Lena slams Malaysia sanctions against 'Killing fields of Sri Lanka'

A human rights activist who faced a three year jail term for organizing a public screening of a film showing war crime allegations in Sri Lanka's civil war was set free by a Malaysian court after international outcry..............

  • Kithsiri Wijesinghe

CEDAW 2017: 'New Sri Lanka' slips back into old ways

“Mounting frustration at the slow pace of progress” was how the soft spoken country rapporteur, Yoko Hayashi, politely summed up the mood of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women or CEDAW towards Sri Lanka.........

  • Indika Gamage

UN told of Sri Lanka military operating "rape camps"

"A senior officer came into the room and was asked to take his pick, like we were meat in a meat market.  He looked around and chose me.  He took me to another room and raped me." Shocking details of the Sri Lanka military holding.....

  • Kithsiri Wijesinghe

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