From Babi Yar to Mullivaikkal

"Here all things scream silently,
and, baring my head,
slowly I feel myself
turning grey.

And I my self
am one massive, soundless scream

To the Dandelion

Now we make you suffer and will bury you alive
in her bosom’s chasm mother earth keeps.
And we burn the earth, not letting you survive.
Will you own her bosom?

Yet Another Incident in July 1983

Burying the dead
being an art well developed in our times
(our psycho-analysts have helped us much
to keep balanced minds--whatever
that may mean--) there is no......

Auschwitz from Colombo

Colombo. March. The city white fire
That pours through vehement trees burst into flame,
And only a faint but nearing wind
Stirring the dust
From relics of foreign invaders, thrown


Twenty-six years have passed.
Our first meeting,
North of Colombo,
a house on the beach.
flowers and creepers;
Beyond the fence,
fearful and shy

The Window of the Present

Nightmares, long dead,
Peer through the shattered panes of the
Window of the present.

The dead of the south, killed on the streets,


We can forget all;
spurning the loss
of this miserable life,
with the confidence
sparked in a moment;
along the Galle road,
we race


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