Do not forget us


Moist of the moon yesterday
Exist not - in the moon today
Nor life in flowers, scent in 'em neither
None able to break in a smile either...

Aftermath war mind is:
As still as a graveyard, rammed;
As ruined as a 'Broken Down Dam';
Tis burning question that probe within
Is discerning: Were their oblations all vain?
Knowing the struggle for liberation
Growing, that would last for ages;
Not left till the very end
But gave a helping hand
Though possible leaving in the middle
Nor them, why haven't they fiddle?

For the sake of appreciation cum fame, actually?
Or to be praised by descendants? - not really!
For you to understand what bade us lose lives in fight
For future generation - realise paramount of quench right:
Why emerged, the liberation struggle in mother-land
Died - ye mighty! went away to paradise, heaven-land
While they go, they asked for just one thing:

Nothing but this is it! - Don't forget:
Us, our sacrifices, the blood we shed;
"Why have we left our souls fled?"
As same as thou - we had just one life
"Why we chose to give up our own life?"
Don't ever forget us! - even a single while!

Oh! fellow human beings of my ethnicity..!
Thou survive dried-up in an uncertain vicinity
As disastrous as a detonated grenade,
Lost opportunities; resources all ruined;
When son grown-up and questions:
"Why our nation torn asunder?
Why death occurred street by street ?
Why the hearts burned and wept?
Why the eyes turned sore, red?"
Do not forget to tell our story
Not anything else that we want..!

"Making unhappening happen" is the
Glorious motto of intense soul-forced,
Mighteous liberation struggle- that
Ever resurrects - even from colossal wreck!
Never get tired of it..!

In pain, lies gain! Know full well, thee!
Freedom's never ever gained for free..!

(Translated by R.G.Darshanie)

Thiruchelvam Thirukumaran



Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka

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