Sarath: In memory of a friend across the cultural borders

Sarath Fernando will be remembered as a person who allied utopia with practicality. Utopia, understood in the positive sense as something which does not exist today, but will be possible tomorrow. He was a believer in the “other possible world”.

  • François Houtart

A rebel with a cause: Good bye Comrade Sarath

Comrade Sarath Justin Fernando and I met as students of the Engineering Faculty in Peradeniya campus in the late 1960s. Justin as we came to know him was from a very well-known leftist family from Kegalle. Together we were....

  • Lionel Bopage

Development in Sri Lanka and the structural Genocide of the Eelam Tamils

Development is a rather ambiguous term lacking clear definition; nevertheless it holds positive connotations to rehabilitation, progress, prosperity and wealth. Subsequently it is propagated....

  • Athithan Jayapalan

Images, history and not existing: A failed attempt to see Jaffna

There are the lonely figures tiny and staid, staring out of a frozen landscape. The Museum of Asian Art in Berlin, a cemented, rambling space deep in the still suburbs in the west of the city had a temporary exhibition....

  • Meera Selva

Comrade Tampoe: Remembering the legacy of a legend

Meeting with comrade Bala Tampoe at the Ceylon Mercantile Union (CMU) office in Colombo had been a tradition I looked forward to whenever I visited Sri Lanka. At the end of July, after attending my mother’s funeral in Sri Lanka, I paid....

  • Lionel Bopage

Genocide, resistance and the politics of remembrance

When various coordinated actions result in organized violence targeting a particular people with the intent of eradicating the foundations of their national identity, such as territorial, racial, linguistic, religious, economic....

  • Athithan Jayapalan

'83 July 25: An eye witness account of the Prison Massacre

30 years ago on the 25th July, 35 Tamil political prisoners held under the 'Prevention of Terrorism Act' were massacred in a high security prison in Colombo. Two days later, on the 27th, 18 more prisoners were slaughtered.....

  • S.A.David

Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka

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