Sri Lanka's Secrets: How the Rajapaksa regime gets away with murder

Sometimes you come across a book that kicks so hard in the stomach that you simply become numb. ‘Sri Lanka’s Secrets’ is such a book. Although travel agencies depict the tropical island country to be one of Asia's most exciting........

  • Beate Arnestad

Sri Lanka: The subversion of independent thinking

The Sri Lanka government is intent on controlling freedom of thought by expelling foreign passport holders who visit the country and later attend seminars or give press interviews on subjects the regime considers tabooOn November 23......

  • JS Tissainayagam

Media censorship is part of a bigger strategy

I worked with Lasantha at the Sunday Leader between 1999 and 2002. It is tragic that media censorship and political oppression against which Lasantha struggled valiantly then, and for which he died in 2009, persist four years..............

  • JS Tissainayagam

Journalism in the midst of trauma: Reporting deaths like a cricket match

My first footsteps into a newsroom took me into a macho-man bastion, where I remember seeing a quasi-defence correspondent in faded jeans and a white shirt hastily folded up to the elbows banging away on a typewriter......

  • Amantha Perera

Jonathan Miller writes an open letter to Sri Lankan journalists

I definitely detected a delicious sense of schadenfreude from among you brave – but mischievous -  Sri Lankan journalists, over the relentless harassment of me and my Channel 4 colleagues by state intelligence police and immigration officers. I’m not referring to the ranting rottweiler

  • Jonathan Miller

Madras Cafe: Intercept the half-truth

Some sections of the Indian media may be going gaga over the ‘realistic’, ‘non-dramatic’ film ‘Madras Cafe’ of Shoojit Sircar. Some have, rather shamelessly, compared it to Zero Dark Thirty - in reality, GI Joe: Retaliation is a more gripping watch. While the poor sense of aesthetics of these ................

  • R.M.Karthick

Sri Lankan newspaper attacked for 37th time

International journalists attending the Commonwealth heads of government meeting this November in Sri Lanka should take a look at the island’s track record on media freedom first. Uthayan newspaper, one of the few Tamil media outlets independent.........

  • Frances Harrison

Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka

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