Sri Lanka: Two UN visits and three incidents of Tamil media harassment

Two Tamil journalists and a media outlet in Sri Lanka came under military and police harassment during two visits by UN officials. A Tamil journalist in the north was summoned by the police to be questioned on covering a media briefing and................

  • Athula Vithanage

Tamil journalists in fear after police visit office in Colombo

Police in Sri Lanka has visited a Tamil media office in Colombo twice within four days in a threatening manner which indicates renewed efforts by state intelligence to suppress journalists who expose ongoing violations.............

  • Athula Vithanage

Court seeks Interpol help to arrest exiled Sri Lankan journalist

A Sri Lanka court issued an international arrest warrant against a journalist in exile soon after he was threatened with Interpol action by the country's justice minister. Gampaha Chief Magistrate Kavindya Nanayakkara on Friday.......

  • Athula Vithanage

Exiled Tamil journalist arrested on arrival in Sri Lanka

A Tamil journalist who accepted a public invitation by the government has been arrested on his return to Sri Lanka after being in exile for four years. Sasikaran Punniyamurthi, freelance journalist originally from eastern Batticaloa, fled..........

  • Athula Vithanage

Trevor Grant: A tireless fighter for justice bids adieu

Author of "Sri Lanka's Secrets: How the Rajapaksa Regime Gets Away with Murder", a rare account of war crimes committed against the Tamils by the Sri Lanka government and its foreign allies, Trevor Grant is no more. JDS sorely feels the.......

  • Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka

Returning Tamil journalist shocked of 'betrayal' by fellow Sinhalese

A Tamil journalist arrested on his return from exile to Sri Lanka is shocked by attempts to undermine his professional integrity by widely known Sinhalese journalists. Punniyamoorthi Sasikaran who positively  responded to an open invitation........

  • Athula Vithanage

Increase in number of journalists held as hostages around the world – RSF

The number of journalists held hostage during this year has alarmingly increased than the year before, according to an international media watchdog. Publishing its annual worldwide.........

  • Athula Vithanage

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