Get customized to laugh


When there’s chance,
To the, extent possible,
We will laugh aloud.
Pressure that arise in between
The day of the flower of liberty’s
Maturity to the day of its fruition
Will kill us; we would have
Even wept at the moment.
But getting busied at the next second
We would walk ahead.

In between, if chance happened
We would laugh aloud.

When the stars that twinkle
Sky – high on the Atlantic Coast
That embraces Ireland
Falls on my eyesight,
Group of Friends in the campus
Of our village look up above
And identify those stars
On the basis of astronomical sense
That goes beyond the years and space,
Tears trickle out of my eyes

But the moment next
A dry smile would be visible;
When a sigh arose that so is the destiny
Of my race, next moment comes,
It will lengthen until we realize
That too is short lived for a minute.
In such an unstable clarity
If possible, to that extent
We will laugh aloud.

In the song of the soil
That arouses to make erect the hair
Which seizes the life’s bank of the ear,

In the beauty of the red – colour sun
That is passed by a boat
At a distance where the horizon
Touches the lip of the sea,

In the refreshing happy songs
That are tuned by birds in a flock
With a peace of mind of having
Returned after flying
Million of miles back to their own soil.

In the laughter of milky – mouthed
Young that doesn’t know any pretence,

Forgetting ourselves
Unknowingly of ours
We would laugh;
At a time when laughing
If some pictures of nativity
Appear, laughter would cease in the middle;
But still, if there is chance,
We would laugh.

(Translated by Professor Palani Arangasamy)


Thiruchelvam Thirukumaran



Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka

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