Members object to EU granting trade concessions to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has met with a major obstacle in obtaining much needed trade concessions from the European Union (EU) following objections raised in the European parliament. A group of left wing and green European members............

The Die is Cast: Buddhist Sri Lanka faces a casino choice

One word—tourism—glows on the horizon of hope for Sri Lanka. It is reflected in the surfeit of reportage and advertisements in the local press, where the talk of new city hotels in the capital and planned boutique hotels in exotic....

Sri Lanka: Another austerity budget with cynical lies

Sri Lankan president and finance minister Mahinda Rajapakse presented the 2013 budget to parliament on November 8, in line with the demands of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The austerity budget will further undermine....

Share market scandal erupts in Sri Lanka

A scandal over the manipulation of shares on the Colombo stock exchange has erupted in recent weeks after former Sri Lankan Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Thilak Karunaratne accused government ministers....

Sri Lanka 2012 trade gap narrows, growth may be hit

Sri Lanka’s trade deficit narrowed last year, central bank data showed on Monday, helped by a more flexible exchange rate, credit ceiling and tight monetary policy, though such measures likely took their toll on economic growth.

The Dragon's shadow: China’s forays in Sri Lanka

The Dragon’s shadow is lengthening over Sri Lanka with every passing day. China has committed since 2005 contracts and investments worth US$ 6.4 billion, as per treasury records. So far, $ 3.6 billion has been disbursed.

Take advantage of India, China: IMF official to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka should take advantage of its proximity to the economies of India and China to grow at a faster rate, an International Monetary Fund ( IMF) official today said. Addressing the Sri Lanka Exporters' Association, Koshy Mathai, Resident Representative.....


Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka

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