Petrie Report: What if the UN had spoken out on Sri Lanka?

If today the United Nations announced that it had received unconfirmed reports of 50,000 casualties in a war off limits to journalists - wouldn't the world take notice and try and stop the killings? We now know the UN system.......

Peoples' Tribunal on Tamil genocide: How will Cuba respond?

An unprecedented move by internationalists and activists for human rights and justice, one that could inspire controversy among left oriented governments and peoples’ solidarity committees, will take place next spring.

Indian paradox: Pot needs to call the kettle black

On 24 January 2010, Prageeth Eknaligoda—journalist, cartoonist, father of two— stepped out of the Lanka eNews website office near Colombo. Prageeth had been actively reporting on the country’s forthcoming presidential elections.

Wisconsin massacre: Why didn't the Sikh shooting rate?

Two mass murders, two very different responses. Why didn't the murder of six Sikh-Americans by a white supremacist receive the same coverage in the Australian media as the Aurora killings? On Tuesday this week I emailed Media Watch......

Sri Lanka: When one goes missing every five days

At 2.31pm on 21 August 2012, a 32-year-old woman sent a text message to her relatives saying she had been taken to the Criminal Investigation Department in Vavuniya in the north of Sri Lanka. No one has heard from her since.

Sampoor: Facts vs. hype on Sri Lanka's 'post war recovery'.

Sampoor is a traditional Tamil village  that abounds in diverse natural resources. Those who live there consider their village to be blessed by nature. In fact, the colloquial meaning of Sampoor is ‘perfect  living habitat, with all  of  the.....

Eluded Peace, Denied Justice: Bare facts and naked truths

The widely advertised ‘war for peace’ came to an end more than three years ago. Yet the fruits of this peace are yet to be enjoyed by the people in the North, who were most affected mentally, physically....


Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka

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