In Retrospect: Death of a human rights defender

At around 2.30 am on the 25th of December 2005 , I received a text message from a friend of mine who worked for an international news agency. Since the beginning of “another phase” of extra-judicial killings....

One hundred thousand Tamils missing after Sri Lanka War

World Bank population data from Sri Lanka indicates up to a hundred thousand Tamils are unaccounted for after the final war against the Tamil Tiger rebels in 2009, raising questions about whether they could be dead.....

Petrie Report: What if the UN had spoken out on Sri Lanka?

If today the United Nations announced that it had received unconfirmed reports of 50,000 casualties in a war off limits to journalists - wouldn't the world take notice and try and stop the killings? We now know the UN system.......

Sri Lanka: When one goes missing every five days

At 2.31pm on 21 August 2012, a 32-year-old woman sent a text message to her relatives saying she had been taken to the Criminal Investigation Department in Vavuniya in the north of Sri Lanka. No one has heard from her since.

Missing and forgotten: The disappearance of an academic

Six years ago, on the 15th of December, the Vice Chancellor of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka was abducted within a high security zone in Colombo 7. Prof. Sivasubramaniam Raveendranath was on his way to attend.....

Peoples' Tribunal on Tamil genocide: How will Cuba respond?

An unprecedented move by internationalists and activists for human rights and justice, one that could inspire controversy among left oriented governments and peoples’ solidarity committees, will take place next spring.

Indian paradox: Pot needs to call the kettle black

On 24 January 2010, Prageeth Eknaligoda—journalist, cartoonist, father of two— stepped out of the Lanka eNews website office near Colombo. Prageeth had been actively reporting on the country’s forthcoming presidential elections.


Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka

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