Number of bodies in Sri Lanka mass grave go over 150

By Kithsiri Wijesinghe

Experts who have unearthed more than 150 bodies from a mass grave in northern Sri Lanka believe the number could rise further.

At least fourteen of them belong to children.

The mass grave in Mannar is the largest to be excavated in a region where thousands of Tamils have disappeared during the armed conflict that ended in 2009 and its aftermath.

Complete skeletons of 151 have been found by the 79th day of excavations, says the chief forensic investigator. 

Several objects resembling rings have been also found.

“We have to have a proper analysis  before we can confirm whether it is an ornament or some ohter metal object,” Judicial Medical Officer Samindra Rajapaksha told journalists.

An official from the US mission in Colombo was also present at the excavation site.☐



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