Sri Lanka: Gunmen open fire at house of key prison massacre eyewitness

Gunmen had opened fire at the house of the main eyewitness of a prison massacre in Sri Lanka.

The shooting happened on Monday (04) night in the suburbs of Colombo.


Sudesh Nandimal, an inmate who survived the Welikada prison massacre five years ago believes that the shooting was a scare tactic that meant to stopping him from testifying against the perpetrators.

“I heard a noise like firecrackers,” said Nandimal who is the main witness in the massacre that killed 27 and injured more than forty.

Police who were called to the site have found bullet casings and at least four gunshot holes made in the gate.

Sri Lanka security forces and police Special task Force are accused of storming the Welikada prison in the capital under orders by the former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa on 2012 November 9 and selectively murdering inmates.

Lead photo: An injured prisoner of Colombo's Welikada prison at the main hospital in Colombo on November 10, 2012.



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