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Justice Denied: A Reality Check on Resettlement & Demilitarisation

The report published by the Oakland Institute  begins with an overview of the new National Policy on Durable Solutions for Conflict-Affected Displacement, passed by the Sri Lankan government in August 2016, which is followed by a review of the reality on the ground regarding land and displacement. The report also examines the implementation of Sri Lanka’s promises on the larger transitional justice process.  

Download: Justice Denied: A Reality Check on Resettlement & Demilitarisation  [pdf: 627KB] - Published: March 2017

Waiting to Return Home

This brief report published by the Oakland Institute shares the voices and the ongoing struggles of the displaced in post-war Sri Lanka, despite promises made by the new administration in 2015. It highlights a harsh reality – amid United Nations resolutions and numerous government promises, tens of thousands continue to live in despair.

Download: Waiting to Return Home: Continued Plight of the IDP's in Post-war Sri Lanka  [pdf: 657KB] - Published: May 2016

Understanding Post-War Land Issues in Northern Sri Lanka

This report presents the gravity of the land issues and militarisation in 'post-war Sri Lanka' based on filed studies conducted by the Maatram Foundation. The report finds that a key objective of militarisation of land is inter-alia the Sinhala Buddhisisation of the North-East under under the guise of responding to security threats.

Download: Understanding Post-War Land Issues in Northern Sri Lanka  [pdf: 5.85MB] - Published: November 2015

The Long Shadow of War

This report published by Oakland Institute provides detailed description on the ongoing militarisation and colonisation in the Tamil inhabited areas of the island, based on research conducted by the Institute between 2014–2015.

Download: The Long Shadow of War: The Struggle for Justice in Post-war Sri Lanka  [pdf: 7.97MB] - Published: May 2015


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