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Media workers killed in 2005

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1. Name: Dharmaratnam Sivaram (Taraki)

Designation: Journalist

Assassinated on: 28 April 2005 in Colombo.

Additional remarks: The Senior Editor of the "Tamil Net" website and  wrote weekly columns to "Daily Mirror" and "Veerakesari" newspapers. Abducted by armed men in Colombo and his body was found next day near the Sri Lankan parliament. Killed purportedly by para-military operatives working with the Sri Lankan Military Intelligence .

2. Name: Kannamuttu Arsakumar

Designation: Media Worker

Assassinated on: 29 June 2005 in Matupola (Kalmunai- Akkaraipattu road)

Additional remarks: Worked as a newspaper delivery agent in the eastern province. Prior to his murder, had been warned by the state backed paramilitary operatives not to distribute the Batticaloa Edition of  "Eelanatham" newspaper.

3. Name: Relangi Selvarajah

Designation: Journalist

Assassinated on: 12 August 2005 in Colombo.

Additional remarks: A Radio and Television presenter worked for the state run media institutions and was killed along with her husband. She produced a radio program for the state owned SLBC called "Ithaya Veenai," allegedly funded by the para military group EPDP. The program is known for being highly critical of the Tamil rebels. The Police blamed the LTTE for the attack.

4. Name: David Selvaratnam

Designation: Media worker

Assassinated on: 29 August 2005 in Colombo

Additional remarks: A security officer attached to the Tamil daily "Sudar Oli", a pro-Tamil nationalist newspaper. He was killed when two grenades were thrown into the newspaper office by unknown attackers.

5. Name: Yogakumar Krishnapillai

Designation: Media worker

Assassinated on: 30 September 2005 in Batticaloa

Additional remarks: Worked as a distributor of the Batticaloa edition of "Eelanatham" newspaper, despite repeated threats. Two weeks prior to his murder, the police Special Task Force blocked the sales of the Eelanatham paper in government controlled areas in the East.


6. Name: L. M. Faleel (Netpittimunai Faleel)

Designation: Writer

Assassinated on: 02 December 2005 in Batticaloa

Additional remarks: Worked as the Divisional Secretary in Kattankudy, Batticaloa. Shot by unknown assailants inside his office.

7. Name: K. Navaratnam

Designation: Media Worker

Assassinated on: 22 December 2005 in Jaffna.

Additional remarks: Worked part time as a newspaper distributor in Jaffna. He was shot by an unknown gunmen while on his way to collect Tamil newspaper "Thinakural - Jaffna edition" for delivery.


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