Army threatens journalist covering protest against water theft (VIDEO)

By Athula Vithanage

Army officers in the highly militarised north eastern Sri Lanka have threatened a journalist for covering local Tamils protesting the siphoning of water in a mass scale.

Freelance journalist Selvaraja Sumanthan was threatened by an army major, while he was covering the protest.

The journalist had been told that he will face "dire consequences" if he does not leave the area.

Depletion of water

Military stationed in the Mullaitivu district have been pumping water from a deep tube well drilled in the Maritime Pattu locality for the exclusive use of troops occupying traditional Tamil lands.

At least twenty tankers of water was taken away every day badly drying up many wells used by hundreds of families and depleting water resources in the Kanukkerni village.

Villagers frustrated by authorities  ignoring continuous appeals to stop the theft of water have gathered at the sentry point installed to guard the tube well.

Military and police officers in uniform and civilian attire could be seen filming him and the protestors in an intimidating manner.☐