Once uprooted
Sprouts wings ...
Flame lily
Sheds petals
With the fleeting red

Sorrow itself
Keeps company
With Sorrows
The past is
Enduring  this moment

A thousand rays spring
Through clods of earth
A thousand secrets
Come to life
One by one

The past of uprooted
Peeps through the doorway
Reopens the eye
Of the memory
Not uprootable

Due is the hour of
Kachchan Wind
The sleepless
November Is overcast

Clouds of November
Themselves are in haste
Which way to float

Signs of
Foot prints
That stopped
By the horizon
There could be a day
That they
Turn around

Love will sprout wings
On such a day
Eulogies will
Dot edges of eyes

Blossoms will flower
Seeing deluges
From the brink of an eye

Thine alone
Will be the
Glory of
Such Blooms


Manjula Wediwardena  | November 2014

Translated by Chandana Keerthi Bandara